was a Capture commission exhibited as part of the Capture Touring exhibition 2004/05 – produced by Portland Green

Richard Lord

Waterfall is an innovative, interactive dance work on CD-ROM. Suitable for all ages it combines live action and user control to let you interact with and influence the dance as it takes place. Each of the five main sections of the work is inspired by a different aspect of water and interacts in a different way; water in nature, in tears, as an object for play, and as a source for life. There is no structured interface — you use the mouse to explore the environment and see how the dance and dancers respond to you. And if you get confused, there’s a help system to guide you along. You can interact for as long as you like, it takes about an hour to experience the work in its entirity.

Richard Lord studied Mathematics, and while at university had formal programming lessons. While there he discovered that he loved to dance, and that led him to attend dance school after gaining his Mathematics qualifications. At dance school he became an avid choreographer. He also studied video editing, doing his final thesis on creating dance for television. An expert in programming and with a love of games, he produces high-quality games, toys and cd-roms for various clients. Games he has developed for BBC New Media have been described in reviews as “flawless”, and “a masterpiece”.

A Capture commission

Capture (2001-2008) was an Arts Council England fund managed by PORTLAND GREENTM from 2004 until 2008. It commissioned original art works that challenged the concept of screen-based dance by exploring new relationships between dance and film, video, new media and installation. Applications were encouraged from both established and emerging artists practising in the fields of dance, film, video, new media, installation and other disciplines.