Lhz 30-150 Legbonotation

was a Capture4 commission, an Arts Council England fund managed by Portland Green Cultural Projects Ltd.

Peter Atha

You see video and film on screens in places. You read text; sometimes it is there in subtitles, but you understand it is often behind. You notice text spill outside the screen and see that it is not always written and not always there. You are sometimes amused and sometimes aware of a dark centre. You see Lego dance and an ice cream Jesus.

A Capture4 commission

Capture (2001-2008) was an Arts Council England fund managed by PORTLAND GREENTM from 2004 until 2008. It commissioned original art works that challenged the concept of screen-based dance by exploring new relationships between dance and film, video, new media and installation. Applications were encouraged from both established and emerging artists practising in the fields of dance, film, video, new media, installation and other disciplines.