Untitled (Reconstruction)

featured in the exhibition From the Inside: Performance, Screen and the Gallery Space

UNTITLED (Reconstruction)
Clemens von Wedemeyer
single screen, installation

Installed in a corner of its own gallery space, the image of a dancer vanishes from the vaguely defined visual space – he seems to be in a clash, to the point of exhaustion, with the camera’s gaze. This action happens over and over again. In the intervals he waits quietly, his face to the wall. The moving-image content is constructed from documentation – rehearsal footage which has been altered, processed and subsequently set to new music: ‘I wanted to create a new space for a body that would be reconstructed out of the footage I filmed in rehearsal. My idea was to have someone starting all over again, in a way lost somewhere in a building. This piece is maybe about dislocation – a body who has been transformed into another time and soundscape’ (von Wedemeyer).

The work is choreographed and danced by Alexandre Roccoli, the sound score is by Thomas Wallmann.


From The Inside…performance, screen and the gallery space
Rugyby Art Gallery and Museum
31 Aug 2010 – 31 Oct 2010


Video from Exhibition