Vanishing Point

was a Capture commission exhibited as part of the Capture Touring exhibition 2004/05 – produced by Portland Green

Vanishing Point
Rosemary Butcher and Martin Otter

Vanishing Point, a single screen installation, addresses the navigation and geographical presence central to the process of a journey and the disturbing emotional demands of travel. The environment acts as a metaphor for the predicament and relationship between past and present. The narrative of the film is expressed through the experiences of a solo women traveller and presented as an abstract journey through a visually stunning landscape. The process of plotting points in space and time illuminates the relationship between the traveller’s thoughts and dreams.

Dr Rosemary Butcher; Choreographer & Co-Director has been a consistently innovative choreographer. Since her 1976 ground breaking concert in London’s Serpentine Gallery she has established her own movement language and choreographic form that has influenced three generations of choreographers. Previous to her recent short film, Undercurrent which has been shown in over 20 countries, she has collaborated with film and filmmakers on a number of performance and installation works including, After the Last Sky with David Jackson, Of Shadows and Walls with Nicola Baldwin and Unbroken View with Sigune Hamann. Martin Otter’s professional work includes television commercials, documentaries, video & audio installations where his company, MARSFELD, is regarded as a leader in their field. He recently collaborated with Rosemary Butcher on WHITE, a full-length installation performance work that premiered in Munich last February. His considerable knowledge of the computer informs his filmmaking and he is interested in the dynamic between the logic of the computer with the creative of the filmic medium. Walter Fahndrich; Composer, studied music at the Lucerne Conservatory. Concerned with the basic elements of music absorbed in Far Eastern electro-acoustic and experimental music, he has composed for theatre, film, ballet and radio plays. His compositional focus since 1980 is music and space sound installations in galleries and other spaces as well as musical projects for natural environments and urban settings.

A Capture commission

Capture (2001-2008) was an Arts Council England fund managed by PORTLAND GREENTM from 2004 until 2008. It commissioned original art works that challenged the concept of screen-based dance by exploring new relationships between dance and film, video, new media and installation. Applications were encouraged from both established and emerging artists practising in the fields of dance, film, video, new media, installation and other disciplines.