Top Shot

featured in the exhibition From the Inside: Performance, Screen and the Gallery Space

concept/direction Thierry De Mey
choreography/dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
music Steve Reich, violin George Alexander van Dam
production Rosas
single screen projection

“Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s solo to music by Steve Reich (Violin Phase) was one of her first pieces as a choreographer. This wild dance matches the music’s twists and turns and its sequence of infinitesimal shifts. The trajectory of the dance, filmed from a high angle, can be seen in white sand on a black floor: its course is made visible, drawn like a mandala in the form of a rosace. ” -Charleroi Danse, 2010

For the “From The Inside…performance, screen and the gallery space exhibition” (Rugby Art Gallery and Museum 2010) this work was projected onto sand on the floor.


From The Inside…performance, screen and the gallery space
Rugyby Art Gallery and Museum
31 Aug 2010 – 31 Oct 2010


Video from Exhibition