featured in the exhibition From the Inside: Performance, Screen and the Gallery Space

choreographed by Jonathan Burrows
performed by Sylvie Guillem
directed by Aadam Roberts
Music Kevin Volans
performed by The Duke Quartet
Lighting camera Jack Hazan

Blue/Yellow is a film originally made for television. Installing it as an installation where the plane of projection lies at the end of the corridor and where the the sound is, to some degree, separated from the image (the sound is located forward of the image plane); brings something new to the work, that was not part of the original concept.

In this collaboration with Burrows and Sylvie Guillem, Roberts says much about the ‘frame’ in film language, a language that we the audience, implicitly understand when viewing the action in that frame. (In his work, Roberts often investigates through dance the nature of film itself). A be-sneakered Sylvie Guillem performs fast-footed sequences, full of her trademark high leg extensions and fluid upper body movements. These sequences are framed through doorways, with her often disappearing from the frame. The work says much about the audience’s innate reading of an action and of a person being either in and out of “frame”. “As the camera moves on from the doorway yellow gives way to blue, image gives way to memory and imagination. ( Adam Roberts, Evidentia, Booklet, 1995)


From The Inside…performance, screen and the gallery space
Rugyby Art Gallery and Museum
31 Aug 2010 – 31 Oct 2010


Video from Exhibition