Non-Bifurcated Diary

was a Capture4 commission, an Arts Council England fund managed by Portland Green Cultural Projects Ltd.

Anna-Nicole Zieche
Four screen installation

Non-Bifurcated Diary conveys the struggle, fear and confusions of being unable to unite art-practice, work and personal relationships. Working from the artist’s personal journal, it juxtaposes a real, everyday concern with a trance-like state of mind. This is illustrated by the dancer moving but not as progressing; she appears immobilized. Using four cameras simultaneously, the camera lens takes control of the solo dancer (the artist herself), turns her like a marionette, and lets her repeat the exact same movement viewed from a different angle. The use of a skirt or non-bifurcated garment, is a symbol for opposing Western ideas of femininity and masculinity, as the tool for her dance.

Bodysight was created by choreographer/video artist Sophia Lycouris and digital artist Konstantinos Papakostas with performer Debbie Ward, composer Phil Durrant, costume designer Katia Fioretino, labanotator Joukje Kolff and documentator Ange Taggart. Sophia is a London-based dance and video artist, performer, company director and academic with background in dance. Through collaborative projects, she creates interdisciplinary and multimedia work (including digital media) which bring together elements of movement, sound and image as part of hybrid environments in site-specific and gallery spaces. In 1997 she founded kunstwerk-blend, a project-based company committed to interdisciplinary, hybrid and collaborative work. Konstantinos Papakostas is a London-based digital artist and interactive designer. He has created multimedia interactive sculptures, focusing on the complex relationship between technology and our continuously changing self within our nature. He has also been involved in many web-based interactive projects including Soundropia, Visual Scapes and Sony Playstation2. Bodysight has been supported by The Jerwood Space, British Airways – London Eye, The Nottingham Trent University, Architecture Foundation and the Arts and Humanities Research Board with a Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts.