featured in the exhibition RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange

Roelof Bakker
3 x C-type matt prints, 297mm x 420mm each,
mounted onto Foamex.

Art was included in the exhibition RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange which sought to further the debate about the function and role of arts practitioners within the economic and political climate of early 2011.

In the work, what is left of the art section in a recently closed down London bookshop has been photographed by Bakker and is presented as a photographic triptych.

Roelof Bakker is a London-based photographer and video artist who works with the material of daily life. Chanced upon still lives and the juxtapositions of both the modern and past world are recorded. With an investigative methodological way of working he approaches the imaginative areas of life, time and mortality.


RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange
Rivinton Place, London
4 April 2011