was a Capture commission exhibited as part of the Capture Touring exhibition 2004/05 – produced by Portland Green

Bruno Martelli and Ruth Gibson (Igloo)

WarStars is a series of short interrelated films presented as a twin screen installation. The work is abstract and concerned primarily with the relationship between the figure and the landscape; it is inspired by the breath-takingly beautiful and prehistoric landscapes of Iceland. The editing process exposes the rhythms of nature lending a mythic quality to the progression through lava, water, sulphur, rock and ice. Each film has an original score compositionally linked to create stereo soundscapes. DVD programming enables surprising juxtapositions of image and sound.

Bruno Martelli – Media Artist & Ruth Gibson – Choreographer – Igloo have directed experimental multimedia projects since 1993, exploring metaphysical worlds using video, internet and performance. They formed Igloo after the success of WindowsNinetyEight (CdRom 1996) and Daylight Robbery (motion capture animation 1995) and have continued their unusual approach to digital art which spans animation, film, motion capture and performance. Viking Shoppers (performance 2000) and Winterspace (installation/performance 2001-03) explore digital technology to abstract the human body, it’s movement and it’s senses using custom-built software interfaces. Developing interfaces, video-tracking systems and responsive systems for performer and player, they encourage an intimate approach to their work through carefully crafted uncertainty. The pair are developing ways of blurring the boundaries between spectator and participator, and view interactivity in the context of this project as a new kind of audience engagement.

A Capture commission

Capture (2001-2008) was an Arts Council England fund managed by PORTLAND GREENTM from 2004 until 2008. It commissioned original art works that challenged the concept of screen-based dance by exploring new relationships between dance and film, video, new media and installation. Applications were encouraged from both established and emerging artists practising in the fields of dance, film, video, new media, installation and other disciplines.


Lighthouse Centre for the Arts, Poole