Ten Men Dancing

a Capture3 commission screened at ICA as part of Capture – Produced by Portland Green

Gary Rowe
4:3 aspect ratio

‘Ten Men Dancing’, a collaboration between director, cinematographer, composer and dancer, draws its inspiration from the life and comic genius of Tommy Cooper. Highly choreographed, with attention to detail, the film acts as a portrait, shifting between the real and the mysterious.

Director: Gary Rowe; Cinematographer: Sven Ortel; Sound/text: Ian P. Russell Artist/Dancer: Alan Widdowson; Editor: Nic Sandliand

Gary Rowe works independently as an artist, director and teacher. He worked for fifteen years as a performer with leading post-modern choreographers in Europe and USA. Since 1995, Gary Rowe Company has shown work in London and Australia to critical acclaim. He is an associate artist at the Arcola Theatre, London.

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