was a Capture3 commission screened at ICA as part of Capture – Produced by Portland Green

Simon Wilkinson and Miriam King
4:3 aspect ratio

A film set in a white landscape with black footprints, Atropos follows a journey into the moments that lie ahead. Is destiny pre-set? Can we dodge our fate? Imprints, pathways, passages of time, place and infinite space. What traces do we leave behind? What leads us into the future? How much choice do we have and how are we affected by people we meet along the way? How do people react to a fatalistic vision of their future? The main protagonist tries to defy her fate (the metaphor used is footsteps) by moving in unpredictable ways but finds that it is fate, which is unpredictable. Finally she finds herself debilitated by fate when it appears that there is nowhere left to go. “Magnetism of proceeding, places that are worn receding.”

Writer/Directors: Simon Wilkinson and Miriam King;
Cinematographer: Simon Wilkinson;
Music/Sound Artists: Simon Wilkinson, Johanna Strachan and Robert Lewis;
Choreographer: Miriam King; Dancers/Actors:
Miriam King and Henry Sargeant

Simon Wilkinson is a director of JUNK TV Ltd; a Brighton based production company for which he has been writing and directing films and curating screenings since 1997. He began co-directing dance films with Miriam King in 2000. Simon is a founder member of [DaDa] Digital Arts Development Association. His first feature – ‘Billy Eustace’ is in pre-production.

Miriam King is an independent artist, performer, choreographer and filmmaker. Combining art forms she has been creating her own work since 1992. Dance films she has made include ‘Fountain’, made in collaboration with Margaret Williams for BBC2, and ‘DUST’ made in collaboration with Anthony Atanasio, which shared the Grand Priz Award at the IMZ International Dance Screen Festival 1999 winning Best Screen Choreography category.

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