Why Does Angelina Have To Die?
March, 2020
In this article published on Medium, Portland Green & Michael Carlson posit that traditionally, film has found it difficult to deal with successful women. As the American film scholar Jeanine Basinger pointed out in her seminal study A Woman’s Way, the ‘crackpot plots’ of women’s films in the golden age of Hollywood served to ‘unintentionally liberate’ the audience.
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WITH(IN) a feature-length, artists’ film compilation has been released

WITH(IN) is a two-part, short film compilation produced by Portland Green, comprising two, curated, short film programmes entitled ‘In, Around & Cornered’ and ‘Within’. Each programme contains four, short films or artists’ films that all explore their themes without dialogue, in unique performative ways. The films in the programme entitled ‘In, Around & Cornered’ consider specific performative negotiations of space and the strange forces at work within each of the films’ built environments. The films in the programme entitled ‘Within’ each expose an emotional journey through a female lead character.

‘In, Around & Cornered’ films are: Das Gespenst des Glücks (The Ghost of Happiness), 2011, Max Philipp Schmid; Blind Questions, 2010, Mouvoir/Stephanie Thiersch/58Filme; A Tale Of, 2006, Ravi Deepres and Saburo Teshigawara; Weightless, 2007, Erika Janunger.

‘Within’ films are: I Dream of Augustine, 2004, Cordelia Beresford; Whole Heart, 2004, Tracie Mitchell; Eurydice… She So Beloved, 2007/8, The Quay Brothers; Reimerswaal, 2004, Clara Van Gool.

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A print-on-demand and e-book that accompanies the touring exhibition by the same name. Through a pairing device, the exhibition explores how time, screen space and installation space are examined and experienced in differing ways through installation works which use moving image with dance and performance emanating from different disciplines and languages. It foregrounds the dialogue created between the space and the viewer, and the physical relationship between movement language, frame and space in works emanating from both the performing and the visual arts.

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This catalogue was published to support the single screen programmes Camera/Movment and Moving Images/Moving Bodies. “We sought the opportunity to look at the history of dance and the moving image… and reflect on the current practice in relation to the histories of dance, cinema/film and visual art.” -Portland Green

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We’ve worked extensively with Michael Atavar and we are happy to recommend one of his books about developing your creativity. If you want to tap into that unexplored part of yourself that gets bulldozed by work, commitments, lack of space, then this is the book for you. I believe that you can grow your artist in a nurturing and supportive way, giving it the time and resources to develop and blossom.  This is a book that takes the inner artist seriously – the playful, the complicated, the difficult part – leading it on a journey that includes starting, building a practice and planning long term goals.  If you are an experienced practitioner, there is also much to discover in this book about getting in touch again with the key ideals that drew you to creativity in the first place.

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