Research and Publications //

As part of a wider research trajectory around artists’ labour markets and economic models in the arts, Portland has undertaken research on: artists’ moving image economies; cinema and gender; visual arts performance; performance and new technologies; dance film archives; representations of conflict in artistic practice; the historiography of dance in the visual arts; art and civil disobedience and gender in US prison architecture.

The outputs from this research include films, talks, visiting lectures, publications, labs, workshops, symposia, exhibitions and events. The research and publications are closely linked to hers and Portland Green Cultural projects’curtorial programme. You will find information about additional lectures and events related to our research here:

Additionally, historically we commissioned research from artists as part of our commissioning programme, for example Choreographic Language Agent from OpenEnded Group and Wayne McGregor| Random Dance

In addition to the publications listed on the right, Portland Green has written and/or produced the following texts and articles:

Why Does Angelina Have To Die? (Update) by Portland Green and Michael Carlson, Medium, 2020

Untitled, Small Acts of Disobedience, 2012, The Swedish Dance History Volume 4, 2012

An earlier version of Why Does Angelina Have To Die? by Portland Green and Michael Carlson was published December 2011, in The Swedish Dance History Volume 3, 2011. To view the text please contact for a password

Artists on the Front Line, 2011, essay published in RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange, 2011 ISBN ISBN 978-0-9558354-3-8

Introduction text to From The Inside: Performance Screen And The Gallery Space, 2010,
ISBN Hardback and e-book; ISBN 978-0-9558354-2-1

Shifts and Plains in the Digital Landscape, essay, March, 2010, Arts Industry

Talking Culture, 2009, an interview with Herb Enns, Talking Culture journal project

A New Cultural Economy, essay, December 2008, Arts Industry

Introduction text to Moving Images / Moving Bodies Camera / Movement,
Editor Roland-Francois Lock,
Soft back Catalogue, ISBN 978-0-9558354-0-7

Seeing Things As We Are…, Michael Carlson and Michael Atavar, 2011