S.A.D Archive Project No: 07

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S.A.D Archive Project No: 07
TITLE: Citizen Artist Newspaper
ARTIST: Daphne Plessner
ACT: tbc


Small Acts of Disobedience has contributed to the May Day launch of Citizen Artist Newspaper through a ‘presentation’ of Mirza & Butlers’ work – Direct Speech Acts.

This special edition of Citizen Artist Newspaper entitled – Special Edition: Investigating the University’s Borders and Boundaries – commemorates the transformation of the University into a Border Regime.

The papers’ editor posits that in this academic year especially, foreign students are tracked and monitored by the University on behalf of the Immigration Services of the Home Office, the costs of fees point up the differences in students’ economic status and the spaces and places of an institution are discrete and securitised. This special edition explores the impact of these changes on the role and purpose of a University, inviting readers to navigate the complexities of the problem through a range of critical articles, opinion pieces and artworks.

Available to download on citizenartist.org.uk

Print copies will be available soon. Copies will be distributed to universities in central London and some arts organisations.

If you would like to have a print copy posted to you, please email daphne@plessner.co.uk with ‘post me CA News’ in the header. Please include your name and address in the email.