You can book S.A.D to co-create projects with your community.

As a host, community members can bring their idea/proposal for an as-yet unrealized action to the temporary project space provided by the host, to one of the regularly held group ‘workshops’ and a work from the archive can be re-activated/performed/exhibited.

During the workshop, the proposers, invited guest artists and the project’s legal advisor, come together to discuss the proposed ‘acts of disobedience’. The specific law/bye-law or command as it functions today is interrogated; in some cases revealing its abuse or appropriation by corporate interests: and the group is encouraged to raise concerns, engage in dialogue about how meaning is constructed and offer feedback to the proposal, acting as a framing device for the action (historically and otherwise). If requested by the proposer, the group can devise an alternative action or inaction that presents information or points to an amendment to the legal framework in question, through an aesthetic means. The group can provide assistance with the realisation of the action by the proposer, including paying for its performance, exhibition and documentation thereby acting as project co-curators and producers. The workshop is a social experience (hot drinks and baked goods are integral), and supports social interaction as a form of cultural production. In order to create a space of equals creating art, all participants, bring an idea or proposal, no bystanders are allowed.