Remote Dancing

was a Capture commission exhibited as part of the Capture Touring exhibition 2004/05 – produced by Portland Green

Nic Sandiland and Rosemary Lee
with sound by Graeme Miller

A video installation where the interaction of the viewer and on-screen dancer becomes an intimate pas de deux. The installation consists of four separate corridors (only two are shown at the ICA Premiere) each with a screen at the far end. Back-projected onto each screen is a series of short solo dance films, activated only when the spectator enters into the corridor and moves towards or away from them. The on screen-dancer initially seems to hover, waiting for the viewer to start moving. As the viewer begins to explore the consequences of both subtle and extreme changes of motion, they effectively ‘scratch’ the dance video back and forth, faster and slower. A duet unfolds, as they become both partner and choreographer. The longer they stay the more they discover, as new sections of the dance in new contexts are revealed. Journeying through the corridors the viewer will be able to encounter a total of six dancers ranging in age from young to old, each with their own soundtrack composed by Graeme Miller. Fully accessible and suitable for all ages, Remote Dancing allows every participant to experience their own unique ‘dancing’ partnership. Each of the corridors takes one person at a time.

Rosemary Lee has been choreographing, performing and directing for twenty years. Her work is characterised by a desire to work in a variety of contexts, constituencies and media. Her creative output is diverse: large scale site specific work with community casts numbering up to 250; solos for herself and other performers; films for broadcast television, site specific installations and commissioned works for dance companies in theatre settings. She is an associate artist with Rescen at Middlesex University.

Nic Sandiland trained as an electronics engineer before studying dance and performance in the late 80s. Since the mid 90s he has focused on the integration of recorded video with live performance and works with new interactive technologies in the areas of installation and performance. His film work has been shown worldwide including on Channel 4. The short film ‘Exosphere’ in collaboration with Simon Aeppli, recently won the 4th Floating Cinema award (London).

A Capture3 commission

Capture (2001-2008) was an Arts Council England fund managed by PORTLAND GREENTM from 2004 until 2008. It commissioned original art works that challenged the concept of screen-based dance by exploring new relationships between dance and film, video, new media and installation. Applications were encouraged from both established and emerging artists practising in the fields of dance, film, video, new media, installation and other disciplines.