Direct Speech Acts

featured in the exhibition RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange

Mirza & Butler
film transferred to DVD installation
2′ 45″

A scene from the forthcoming new work, Direct Speech Acts was included in the exhibition RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange. The Rethink… project sought to further the debate about the function and role of arts practitioners within the current economic and political climate.

The film questions the interlocution between ‘Acts’ and Political Speech. The scene is made in collaboration with Nabil Ahmed. This work is part of The Museum of Non Participation, a museum proposed as a conceptual (geo)political construct of gesture, image and thresholds oflanguage.

Mirza & Butler’s artistic practice is based on collaboration and dialogue. This manifests itself in a multi-layered practice of filmmaking, installation, performance, publishing and curating. Their work is engaged with challenging and interrogating terms such as participation, collaboration, the social turn and the traditional roles of the artist as producer and the audience as recipient.


RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange
Rivinton Place, London
4 April 2011