Das Gespenst des Glücks

Das Gespenst des Glücks
Director, Editor, Sound: Max Philipp Schmid
Cast: Desirée Meiser, Klaus Brömmelmeier
Camera: Sarah Derendinger
Light: André Pinkus, Sarah Derendinger
Set Design, Costume Design: Monika Görner-Vogt
Sound Design: Knut Jensen
Producer: Stella Händler

A man and a woman in a luxurious bedroom, in embrace; a television plays a dancing couple in a Hollywood musical. Trying to keep up, the man and woman are wooden, their moves are stilted as though under an intense gravitational pull. They try and try again but their efforts undermine any light touch that the dance may have, the failure written on their faces.

This eerily transformative film confidently squirms between the subtle, the theatrical, the performative and the grotesque. A wordless, forceful film with an exquisite soundtrack.

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