Performance and Technology

In addition to commissioning research from artists working with technology as part of their practice, such as Choreographic Language Agent from OpenEnded Group and Wayne McGregor|Random Dance the organisation and its collaborators has also conducted its own research in the area of performance technologies.

In 2002 the company engaged in research to support the production of a sequence in a new play, commissioned by Linda Lewis Productions and the De La Warr Pavilion from Company of Angels’ Writer/Director John Retallack called Ballroom in which video and digital technologies would be used to realise physically impossible theatrical devices. Technologies were researched and tested that would enable four older characters in the play to re-activate their younger dancing selves, allowing the old and young self, to ‘virtually’ dance together.

Creative Team:
John Retallack (Writer/Director)
Portland Green (Multi-Media Concept & Choreography Production)
Nick Hillel, Yeast (Multi-Media Production)
Adriana Pegorer (Performer)

The team worked on the real-time manipulation of live and pre recorded digital video of the younger selves using Isadora software and other software options and projected an interface which allowed an intelligent response and interactive relationship between the older characters and their younger selves.

The research was presented at Expositions D’Oeuvres Multimedia, Monaco Dance Forum at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco from Dec 10-14.