RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange

RETHINK: Idea, Output, Exchange
12-page Newspaper

Rethink: Idea, Output, Exchange was a three part art project from Curators Michael Atavar and Portland Green. This 12-page publication is one part of the project.

“In early 2011, Rethink: Idea, Output, Exchange sought to challenge the prevailing notion of the role and the value of the arts in times of economic downturn, by encouraging the responses of artists to the political climate within which they functioned in the UK. It faced head-on the increasing climate of uncertainty within arts practice, and prompted artists to produce, exhibit and lead discussion of works which directly addressed the issues raised by this uncertainty.”

The publication “marks a coming full circle of the Rethink…project, as ideas, output, and exchange turned into work which now can be offered to any other community in flux, as an example of a process which might manifest itself differently, as art, in different communities.”

Extract from the essay “Artists on the Front Line” by Portland Green
Edited by Michael Carlson