Creative Diversity Training

1 day group training
2 x 1 hour individual confidential coaching sessions (optional)
Training Leader; Wanjiku Nyachae
First delivered July, 2002

Exclusion does not create value for that which is already included.
Eduard De Bono

A hands-on approach to understanding pluralism and implementing diversity
initiatives in organisations. Presented in an easy-to-access format using
storytelling, lateral thinking, games, small group excercise, group dialogue and
coaching to develop personalised approaches toward cultural diversity. “How does
your self-expression impact community?”

Cultural diversity creates value for society, effectively engaging
multi-culturalism makes a positive difference to the working environment.
However the work place is changing rapidly in both the way we work and with whom
we work and the transformation is taking place at a faster rate than our
psychological preparedness to work within and support diversity.

Small group and team exercises challenge participants to move
from stereotyping to appreciating real cultural differences

To empower participants to bring out and make use of the diverse ideas and
experiences of workplace colleagues and employees

Demonstrate ways to build rapport between people who are culturally, racially, and by gender different

Develop individuals understanding of the benefits of pluralism in the workplace

Transform fear and resentment of diversity initiatives

Project leaders, team leaders and line managers

Includes copies of all written materials utilized in the days training, morning
coffee and afternoon tea and cookies.