Capture Installations Tour 04/05

The Capture Installations Tour exhibited seven, large-scale video installations and interactive media arts works which were commissioned through the Capture production fund, an ongoing annual commissioning scheme for dance and the screen funded by Arts Council England. The seven works that were exhibited at venues throughout England were:
Infected, UK,2001 by Gina Czarnecki and Iona Kewney
WarStars, UK, 2001 by Bruno Martelli and Ruth Gibson – Igloo
Bodysight, UK, 2001 by Sophia Lycouris and Konstantinos Papakostas
Waterfall, UK, 2002 by Richard Lord
Electric Fur, UK, 2002 by Carol Brown and Abigail Norris
Men in the Wall, UK, 2003 by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie
Vanishing Point, UK, 2003 by Rosemary Butcher and Martin Otter